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I have a double convertable Schneider lens that I would like to use filters on the copal #1 shutter when the front component is removed. Is the front thread on a copal #1 a standard filter size? It seems to be about 39 or 40 mm.

-- Charles Trottier (, April 16, 2002


I use a yellow filter when the front component of my Wollensak triple converble is removed but rather than trying to find a screw in filter that would fit (none of the filters I had on hand would fit so I figured it was an oddball size) I hold a Lee 4" x 4" yellow filter over the front of the shutter. It isn't very elegant but it seems to work fine - at least I haven't yet gotten my hand in the picture. If you don't care to do this, and if you don't get an answer here, I'd check with Steve Grimes.

-- Brian Ellis (, April 16, 2002.

Charles, I just purchased an adapter ring from Schnieder that allows me to use lenses with a 39mm thread on the front of a Copal #1. Seems as though that should do the trick for you. By the way, Schneider is very proud of those, they are not inexpensive. Steve

-- Steve Clark (, April 16, 2002.

Front lens thread for a Copal #1 shutter is M39X0.75, An adapter to allow a more standard sized filter such as 46, 49, or 52mm is a special made item which I can make and costs $50.00 See for more info about this.

Steve G.

-- Steve Grimes (, April 17, 2002.

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