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I was doing a spring-prep on my bike today, and wanted to pull the plugs to inspect them. I found out that my standard size spark plug socket dosn't seem to fit (works fine on my car). Do these plugs need a special size socket?

-- Sean Levatino (, April 16, 2002


hi, the socket size you need to use is a 12mm long reach, i would suspect that your car socket is a 14mm socket. p.s. number 2 cyclinder try,s your patience,good luck geordie t.

-- geordie thompson (, May 17, 2002.

I just used an 18mm deep socket the other day on my '76's plugs (NGK D7EA), as well as on the plugs on my wife's CM400T (NGK D8EA). And yeah, #2 is a bear. I plan to get a factory toolkit if I can and get the plug wrench from there. Nick

-- Nick Lenarz (, July 30, 2002.

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