FD 100mm macro and ML-3 macro ring lite

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I need a macro flash for my T-90 and 100mm FD macro lens. I have been told the ML-3 macro ring lite will fit the lens and work as a TTL flash with the T-90. Is this information correct?

-- Allan Passmore (allan@bigpond.net.au), April 16, 2002


I was going to buy an ML-3 but didn't in the end. I read thru the ML- 3 manual and it indeed is supposed to work with the T90. I suspect it has a few extra features over the ML-2 so Canon discontinued the ML-2 rather quickly.

I understand that the ML-3 may need some adapter rings to fit on the lens. I don't know if they are bayonet or filter threads or what. If you find and ML-3 ask the vendor if they are needed.


-- Duane K (dkucheran@creo.com), April 16, 2002.

I had a similar query when considering moving from a T90 to EOS 3 system. I spoke to Canon UK who advised that the ML2 was TTL compatible with an EOS 3 and, conversley, the ML3 with a T90.

When combined with the T90 and 100mm macro I have had stunning results with the ML2. I'm afraid I cannot say if there are any extra features on the ML3 that you would benefit from with a T90. I've been happy to keep the ML2, which works beautifully with the EOS, and not investigated the ML3 further.

-- John (j.ohn1@ntlworld.com), April 16, 2002.


Ring lights produce terrible, flat, ugly light. Unless you are truly committed to experimentation, perhaps using a ring light as fill to support additional off-camera strobes on brackets (or, unless you happen to be -- as I've said many times -- a dentist), forget the whole idea.

Despite common enough advice to the contrary, some people cling to ring lights. I side with John Shaw; read his "Closeups in Nature."

-- Robert Segal (robertsegal@juno.com), April 16, 2002.

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