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hi i just wanted to know how to burn VCDs and what i need to burn em and how do i play them on my dream cast do i just use the bootdisc?

-- CHe! (, April 15, 2002


This is how I do it with ATI's TV wonder ve (value edition)$50. it comes with software (nice if you are using Windows XP download the new drivers. Install the DRIVERS first (very important). Then install the card inside your computer, then install the software.

Start the TV program. go to settings. select the VCR tab. choose the "For video CD" button. press ok and when you see something you wanna record hit the record button. Unfortunately the quality is not the best but i found a way to get good quality.

Instead of choosing the "for video cd" button go to custom and choose create. Choose AVI...(put in a description if you like)..480x240 size, 44.k 16 bit stereo sound, all other options remain the way they are. (i found if i chose a resolution less than that i get jittery video. more than that and i get white lines. try yourself.) then press ok, and ok again until you see the TV. and press record when ready. if recording from a VCR connect with composite cables (red white yellow) gives better picture quality. This type of AVI takes up a lot of hard drive space. always defragment the hard drive before you record, allows the comp to make better videos (use windows defragmenter). have atleat 4 GB for 10 minutes of video. Then use AVI2VCD to make those AVI into MPEG for VCD. IF anyone knows of a better way that takes less space, respond.

-- daniel b. (BONL1@CS.COM), April 25, 2002.

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