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found a deer tenderloin i didnt know i had(kinda hard for me to belive too)so i threw it and some hickory chips in the smoker and put a good smoke on it,(soaked it first in soy,garlic,onion,red pepper,a little brown sugar),also tossed a couple heads of garlic in the smoker,after they were done, crushed them and added to homemade mashed potatoes,along with a stick of unsalted butter, sourcream, chives,and parmesan cheese,then made a fresh mushroom gravy with heavy cream,grilled a couple of ears of corn,dipped them in a garlic butter add a little salt,need to keep a closer look in the freezer,bobby

-- bobby (, April 15, 2002


Damn! That sounds delicious! I think I'll start collecting your recipes for a small hunter's-masterchef book!

-- Oskar (, April 16, 2002.

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