What are the functions of the invisible blue things?

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I have recently become aware that there are invisible blue things everywhere. The majority of the populace is unable to see them and often asserts that, if they are invisible, they cannot be blue.

That being the case, what is the best way to raise awareness of the forces that lurk?

-- Deekoo L. (deekoo@tentacle.net), April 15, 2002


Tell them. Use a bullhorn.

-- Hairball (jethro@pobox.com), May 30, 2002.

Now that you mention it I've noticed a lot of invisible blue things lately as well. Well I guess I can't say for sure if their really blue though since I'm color blind. But I am confident they are invisible though since I keep telling people about them and they keep telling me they can't see anything.

-- Jimmy Pringle (Markgodfrey27@Hotmail.com), July 08, 2002.

i too have spotted the invisible blues they seem to cluster together around peoples noses and mouths this poses a great threat to society i propose special glasses with which to see the blue things

-- jordan (jordan0@mac.com), August 15, 2002.

Obviously, you're nuts. Hope that clarifies things.

-- Max LaCosse (max_lacosse@yahoo.com), September 04, 2002.

Deekoo, Please be warned if you happen to see an invisible blue thing ever again RUN! RUN! RUN! They are not friendly I recently had a very negetive encounter with a small army of invisible blue things. They held me captive in an invisible holding cell and probed me with their invisible blue fingers then used what they refered to as the Venusian sunction device to drain me of my vital bodily fluids. And although that was in itself a very pleasurable experience I have not even to this day fully recovered from the encounter.

-- Jimmy Pringle (Markgodfrey27@hotmail.com), November 25, 2002.

about the invisible blue things--they are definitely dependent on water and thus i agree with the person who sees them around their nose and mouth. i would try not to sneeze as much as possible.

-- BL King (borderlace@excite.com), January 26, 2003.

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