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In Nov 2001 Yaakov Asher Sinclair posted: "Using Rodinal as a compensation dev for HP5" Here an other way for compensating dev. to compress the range to about 5 stops:

For nightlife photography I use a special developer (it`s a bit grainy - not for KB 135!). I would like to ask you: has anybodyelse experience with this kind of developer?

Here is the developer, it is a modified Kodak D 23 developer (see: Richter, P.-C.: "Das Arena-Photobuch", 1. Aufl., Würzburg 1987; p. 264): first bath: aqua dest. 1000 g (appr. 303 K) 4-methyl-amino-phenol-sulfat 10 g sodium sulphite 150 g ad cold water up to 2000 g

second bath: aqua dest. 500 g (appr. 303 K) Tinkal (Na2B4O7*10H2O) 20 g ad cold water up to 2000 g

The develop time is between 5-7 min each bath, agitation three times each half minute, no water bath before or between the two developer baths! My favourite combination is: Agfapan 100 6 min + 6 min. The negatives are easy to copy, normaly no special work for shaddows and lights (like the TETENAL EMOFIN - but cheaper). Have a lot of fun!

-- Mark Kallfass (, April 15, 2002


Diafine works nicely also. Go to also. I have been wanting to use 777 also.

-- Scott Walton (, April 16, 2002.


I second the use of Diafine. It is a relatively unknown gem. The claimed speed increase does not work for me, but the very nice negatives I get (with Arista 400 or HP5+) using this developer does work for me. Its compensating effect is great for equalizing the broad range of light present in many landscape scenes. Images are very sharp. My Dad taught me how to develop film using Diafine, and after many years I have returned to it. Just goes to show you, Father does know best!

-- Dave Karp (, April 16, 2002.

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