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I just downloaded the program TMPGenc 2.5, i wanted to use to to encode a mpeg2 file i have back to a mpeg1. But i can not get anything to load up on it. All i get is a message saying can not open, or unsupported. If anyone knows what to do please let me know.


-- monk (, April 15, 2002


i have the exact same problem... i downloaded a few music videos, which were about 40mb and they encoded just fine. then i try to encode blade 2, resident evil, and panic room... all of which i got from kazaa, but i get that same dumb message you said... whats up with that? can anyone help us???

-- Justin Suggs (, April 15, 2002.

the mpeg 2 thing should have worked..dont know the other post about downloading from the net...check the properties of the will tell you what the audio format is and the video codec might need to change the audio format and get the codec used for the vid...thats why i dont download vids....there is way too many people who dont know what they are doing and everyone is getting these vids with wierd formats,framerates,unknown codecs..etc. and then they have problems.if they were done correctly in the first place there would be no problems.

-- john boy (, April 16, 2002.

sorry..i also heard that xmpeg will do the job but i personally havent tried that program.

-- john boy (, April 16, 2002.

Hi! Just read your question and i hope i can help. When you download movies from the internet they come in all different formats. some valid others don't. I just down loaded panic room and tmpge said it could not open or unsupported format. You have to make it a valid file format for tmpge. In my case i made panic room into an avi file. ( it said it was but it was not) I used virtual dub , open file, click on video, full proceesing mode, click video, now select the type of file. What you want is divx low motion video. Then click configure. Click on file and select save as avi. I have a slow proceesor. Took around 3hrs. I then took this new file and opened tmpge , Click browse and select new file you just made. Click browse and select wav file. Hit start and that should do it. You may get some warning on virtual dub about hacking. Has not caused me a problem Hope this helps steve

-- steven sikora (, April 16, 2002.

hi the have the same problem of opening a mpg-2 file in latest TMPG 2.5.. but i already open a mpg-2 file in a old version but i canīt tell you the nš of version 2man

-- 2man (, April 17, 2002.

you need to download divx player...most of the time you need vitual dub and save as avi file like a charm..

-- bigdogster (, June 17, 2002.

TMPG is a very bad application in my view. Totally unreliable. Totally over-rated. Total waste of time. Not recommended.

-- Rumpina Skine (, October 02, 2002.

I just tried making a mpg-2 fil into an avi using the explanation from above (V-dub). V-dub tells me "Pack Syncronization ERROR". So I guess this doesn't work either.... This file I'm trying works on a friends pc using TMPGenc... But here, no way! hmmm...

-- Torsten Hansen (, November 11, 2002.

I get the same problem from avi's I download from Kazaa using TMPGEnc but I did download another encoder being AVI to VideoCD Mpeg-1 Encoder Ver 1.4.2. by John Schlichther,

I first encode the audio and then the video.

It has encoded a dozen different avi's from kazaa.

-- Billy_16508 (, November 28, 2002.

I have been asked for help regarding the TMPGenc software, which I believe is recommended in your links section. While analyzing the individual's problem, and all the factors involved in their DVD creation, I have come to the conclusion that TMPGenc is not an NTSC-compliant MPEG encoder.

The problem arises in the fact that TMPGenc does not appear to have the ability to encode MPEG with a pixel aspect ratio of 0.9, which is the standard when working with DV NTSC 4:3. To compensate for this lack of NTSC- compliancy, it seems to be that TMPGenc attempts to compensate by changing the frame aspect from 720x480 to 720x540. While 720x540 is 1.33:1 at a 1.0 pixel aspect, it is not 1.33:1 at a 0.9 pixel aspect. 720x486, D1 NTSC, is. 720x480 DV NTSC has about .01 overscan on the left and right of a 4:3 frame, approximately a 1.35:1 aspect when factoring in the 0.9 pixel aspect ratio.

Because of the aforementioned factors, DVD's authored with MPEG-2 content converted in TMPGenc have distorted playback... particularly noticeable if there is a straght-edge frame of reference as in a 4:3 letterboxed video.

I would not recommend TMPGenc to prepare MPEG-2 for incorporation into a DVD, particularly one that is to be NTSC-compliant.

In other words... TMPGenc may be great for playback on the web or your computer, but it doesn't comply with North American standards for DVD authoring and playback.

-- Darth_SnowDog (`), January 25, 2003.

The problem with the movies are that most of them where compressed using mp3 compression for the audio. Tmpegenc won't work with mp3 audio that's already in a video. It can't recompress it. The trick to get around this would be to decompress the audio first then try rendering the video.

-- Bish (, March 08, 2003.

By the way goto this address and download avi2vcd it has everything you need plus instructions on how to do it.

Hope this helps ;-)

-- Bish (, March 08, 2003.

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