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quick question regarding my EOS 300 and Extension Tubes. Recently got the extension tubes and they seem to work perfectly, however every so often when using them, I open the shutter and it the view through the viewfinder turns to black and stays like that. At the same time, the battery icon flashes on the LCD. Batteries are fine as I replaced them a few weeks back after the first instance and once batteries are removed and replaced (cutting the power), it works fine.

This only ever happens when I am using one, or a combination of extension tubes - without them there are no problems whatsoever ..

Any ideas anyone?

thanks in advance

-- Lol (lol.scragg@vissci.com), April 15, 2002


Did you buy your extension tubes new or used? How about your lenses? Usually, this is the result of dirty contacts on the lens or tubes, that is why I ask about the age and condition of the equipment. Nonethelss, it may be helpful to clean the contacts with a pencil eraser. This will help with any dirty contacts. Let us now if this helps.

-- Roger S (rashrader@hotmail.com), April 15, 2002.

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