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Does anyone know of any suitable designers who are willing and able to act as paid guest speakers in schools, preferably familiar with Unit 3 Outcome 3 criteria, and with a folio of work to show students?

-- Marian Stoney (, April 14, 2002


I participated in a VCV conference at Geelong Gallery and a designer/artist Anne Spudvilas presented a fantastic session for those present. She is apparently available for schools (for a fee of course). Phone 03 5243 4473 Have you tried the PostMaster Gallery, my students visited this year for the outcome and it was great (and only $5 per student!)

-- GEOFF WALKER (, October 21, 2002.

Thanks for your reply, Geoff! I'll keep your sugestion in mind for next year. As a matter of fact we did end up going to the Postmasters Gallery to hear stamp designer Stacey Zass speak - she was excellent, and the notes provided were very helpful. Regards,Marian Stoney

-- Marian Stoney (, November 07, 2002.

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