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describe how mallard ducks mate.

-- Sharon L. Relkey (, April 14, 2002


Very carefully???????

Seriously, I'd imagine they "do it" like most other ducks do.

-- Ardie/WI (, April 14, 2002.

A duck is a duck is a duck....and not necessarily "very carefully". LOL

-- Duffy (, April 14, 2002.

I don't keep mallards but the ducks I do keep mate more or less like chickens but in somewhat slo-mo fashion. the male bites the back of the neck of the female, mounts from behind and climbs in the saddle. being slo-mo it tends to attract an audience of duck onlookers. I've heard that some breeds require a pond or something of the sort for successful mating but the guys around here do ok on dry land. so, uh, why do you ask?

-- B. Lackie - Zone3 (, April 14, 2002.

Ducks prefer pond mating, after all, they are ducks! LOL However, as mentioned some breeds can manage without it. Some breeds like Mallards and Indian Runners need high ratio of hens to drakes as they are notoriously rough and can and do kill hens. So, unless you have a gentle drake try and have several hens for your guys. LQ

-- Little Quacker (, April 14, 2002.

We just witnessed a duck mating session. quite interesting how slow the male duck works his magic. The biting of the neck seemed to stimulate the female duck and they did there thing.

-- Ducklover (, May 28, 2002.

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