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Following your prayer request Bro. Bob please share how the Conference has been. I pray closing session will be full of the Holy Spirit.


-- Anonymous, April 14, 2002


Yes indeed it was. Filled with the Holy Spirit is an understatement. Well, my Brothers and my Sisters, I am happy to report that the 151st Session of the New England Annual Conference was a major success, no matter what yardstick you use to measure. I think is fair to say that Bishop Zedekiah L. Grady and Mother Carrie R. Grady fell in love with the Conference as the Conference with them. I was not there for the Evangelist Night nor the Womenís Missionary Societyís Annual day but folks tell me that Rev Shedrick Flynn of Peopleís AME Chelsea, Rev Reginald Mitchell of Bethel AME Lowell and Rev Alvin Riley of Mt. Zion AME Newport, RI preached powerful, Spirit Filled sermons. I was there for the Annual Sermon on Thursday. Rev Jay Broadnax of Bethel AME-Lynn was the preacher. Using Jeremiah 29, his subject was "DISPLACED BUT NOT DISMISSED". It was an awesome, to-the-point , outstanding sermon. He presented the Word in such a Spirit-filled way that he had us, including Bishop Grady, on our feet. It prompted Bishop to comment after the sermon "you donít have to go to TD Jakes or the Pentacostals to hear great preaching". Dr Carl Hunter, Consultant and former General Officer, used Rev Broadnaxís message in his Ordination Sermon. All these Pastors, except Dr Hunter, are sons of St Paul AME Church. Bishop Gregory Ingram, Presiding Prelate of the 15th District was in attendance and assisted Bishop Grady in the Ordination service. He also delivered a sermon on Friday in the way that those who have heard him preach can understand. The reports on the 15th District meetings given on this board were confirmed. Bishop Ingram is a Man of God and an anointed Preacher. The Conference was blessed by his presence and the Word he delivered. His text was taken from Psalms 34:19 and his subject was "Godís word for the discouraged and defeated people". We were also blessed with the presence of retired Bishop D Ward Nichols (#59) whom God has given 101 years. He addressed the Conference with advice and wit. The Ordination Service was held on Saturday morning and the Sermon was given by Rev Hunter. He preached to the Ordinates about Faith. I am not certain of all the numbers but I believe there were 3 receiving Itinerant Elder orders and 5 Local Deacon orders and 6 Local deacon orders. It was a moving service, as most ordination services are. Bishop Grady moved the Sunday program to Sunday morning. Sunday School has usually been at 2pm followed by the Closing and Commissioning Service but the Bishop moved everything to 10am start. This allowed folks to get on the road and home before dark. Of course, he received a standing ovation. Bishop Grady preached the Closing service. I had to get back to Boston so I missed his sermon and have not spoken to anyone yet. All in all, it was a magnificent Annual Conference. Bishop and Mother Grady were received and welcomed and the New England Annual Conference will continue to prosper under their leadership. We continue to pray for them as they shepard us through the next two years.Thank all of you for your prayers.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2002

Dear Brother Blessed be the name of the lord. Good News! Thank you for the report. Blessings to you my Brother

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

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