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Hello Folks

I use an M6 with a viso II for long tele shots, (I have a 280mm telyt and a 400mm Novoflex ) These work well but the viso is a bit clumsy so I got an R3 body and adapter No.14127F This couples well but the metering seems quite a bit off, the camera tries to underexpose by 2-3 stops or so. I note the adaptor has an aperture ring which moves a cam but that cam doesn't engage with any on the R3 ( I think the adapter is for a leicaflex. Just what adapter do I need or is my R3 meter off somewhat. I would love to use the auto exposure function with the Novoflex follow focus for speed. (batteries in R3 are fine, (its an R3MOT)

Thanks in advance


-- John Tobias (, April 14, 2002


John, you can either use exposure compensation (some experimentation will determine the right compensation) or you can buy a 14167 with an R nul cam. Not all 14167 adapters have this cam so be sure it has one before you spend the bucks.

-- Douglas Herr (, April 14, 2002.

I can second Doug Herr. I use the 280 and 400 Telyt on an R4 with the 14167 adapter and the meter works fine.

-- Mark A. Johnson (, April 14, 2002.

Thanks, Looks like I've got the wrong adapter, Now anyone got a 14167 they want to sell???? :-)

Thats what I love about the Leica fraternity...You can rely on someone to have the answer!

Bye for Now


-- John Tobias (, April 14, 2002.

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