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Dear friends,

I would like to purchase a brand new (NIKKOR only) TELEPHOTO LENS for my NIKON F65 camera.

Suggest your option model number along with the price.

Well in Advance thanks

-- Dr. VENKATACHALAM RAJENDRAN (, April 14, 2002


hi doc, although u asked specifically for a nikon lens for your F65, may i suggest the sigma 135mm-400mm f/4.5-5.6 APO lens. its an independent lens made with a nikon mount for nikon cameras. i bought it brand new for $1600 (AUS) and willing to part $900 (AUS). it is in brand new condition with lens hood and carrier bag. it is a cheaper alternative to the fast lens such as the nikon 80- 200 f/2.8 which could fetch up to $1300 (AUS) second hand. think about it first and drop us a line if you have any queries.

-- david chung (, February 28, 2003.

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