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im new to this and made a vcd with nero 5.5.1/everything ended up okay/it plays fine on my pc after finding the .dat file and opening it with a media player/but when i stick it in my standalone dvd player/it dont recognize the disc. Any suggestions???????????

-- scott adkins (, April 14, 2002


check your DVD's user manual. Some DVD are not designed to play CD-R or CD-RW.

-- Tony (, April 15, 2002.

Scott it sounds like you made a Ed-stake(that just a mistake that I would have made). You may not have done it right try this site on the left hand side there is a place where it says convert.go to the 1st guide Divx/avi to .., Tools you need are tmpgenc and virtual dub. you may get an error using tmpegenc but if you read the whole guide there is a spot to read about tmpegenc problems you just have to adjust something on the vfp plugin. download the latest versions of both those programs.Then when your done converting your divx to mpeg just use nero (you don't have to use vcdeasy program they say its buggy), you obviosly already know how to use nero.However if your file is already in mpeg format then search on the site to find out if you did something wrong with nero. If you want to contact me then that's fine I'll try to talk you through it I just learned last month and have already converted around 10 movies. P.S. A piece of advice if you post on that site make sure you read or search for the info before posting some people give smart replies.Good luck

-- Ed O'Neill (, April 16, 2002.

hi goto website INMATRIX find if theres a hack to your DVD (if needed) 2man

-- 2man (, April 17, 2002.

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