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Dear Friends,

I'm a news hound, and I found a artical on Israel, [ The Debka Intelligence files, called Countdown to Israel"s Doom from Babylon. In a nut shell, what it said was when Powell meets with Sharon His chances of bringing them anywhere near a cease fire are generally rated nil.They said the min. Colin Powell departs the region empty handed,, Our middle east foes, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah and the Palestinians, are set to initiate a coordinated military action with a view to reducing the UNited States to Powerless spectator. After that, according to DEBKA files, and the US and Israel Intelligence sources, Iran and Iraq mean to stoke Middle East tensions, making sure that they strike first before America fires a shot in its canpaign against Baghdad. This strike is expected to take the form of an Iraqi missile attack on Israel. The point of maximum danger will arrive at the end of April. The countdown towards that moment begins Monday when the Iranian army and Revolutionary Guards start a large scale five day militrary execise called Qadat in the Persian Gulf. At the same time The Palestinians will step up their suicide attacks against Israel, either directly or with outside help. When the violence has been wound to its hihest pitch, Iraq will step in with a dramatic and dangerous move. From APRIL 24, Isreal stands in grave danger of an Iraqi missile attack, Launched for the sake of saving the Palestinians. This is some of what they have to say, If this happens, It could really blow up over there, How will it effect us. Only the Good Lord knows. I have prayed for the safety of my family every day. I have a grandaughter and her family who live in Washington D C. And she works at the Pentagon. Will Israel use her nuke bombs, If she is pushed into the sea I believe she will. Your all my family and I just want to warn you all just in case. I'm stocked, still working on animal food. If something happens around the 24 of april, I will really get busy on the last min. things.

-- Irene texas (, April 13, 2002


I usually avoid political comments, but not this one...Israel has fought off Arab countries before..there is not a single force over there which has the power to annihilate Israel, alone or in conjunction with one another..they have power to harm and to terrorize though..I am truly fascinated by the situation in the Middle east in biblical terms..the bible clearly says, without any ambiguity at all, that God wants Israel right where it is and He will keep it cool is that??????? I cannot see how anybody can doubt the existence of God when they look at the happenings in the Middle East and biblical writings..with all the modern weapons and evil intent, Israel is going far as we are concerned and the rest of the earth, well, someone on the Christian forum reminded us today that the bible also says "woe to men" betcha..the world is getting more and more evil...We have our food stocked up as well, yet I think it's more important to stock up on prayer for our friends who don't "get it ' yet..lots and lots of prayer..I sure would be happier if all my kiddos and grandchildren were here in the woods with us, but I'll take what God gives me day by day.

-- lesley (, April 13, 2002.

Just remember, although we need to pray for peace, the Bible shows us that no true peace will EVER come to Israel. Even the antichrist won't be able to bring lasting peace to Israel.

I believe the clock is ticking and all that is happening now is happening to usher in the first wave of the end times. The lights are going low and the curtain is getting ready to opening for final show. As our good friend Hoot says: "Do you know Jesus and are you ready"????

-- Karen (, April 13, 2002.

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