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I am lost. :-) I make a mpg file for vcd from avi (like written down on The mpg file turnes out very nice. In Pal or in NTSC no problem to play them from harddisk in Windows Media or Cyberlink Powerdvd. But now comes the problem. The moment I have burned this mpg-file in Nero (version and with the instructions like on vcdhelp)I can not play it anymore in both windows media or Powerdvd or standalone It gives green blocks and screens , sound breaks (like it was coded again)With my friends it workes ok with earlier versions of Nero. I work with windows 2000

tnx for the time Pascal

-- Pascal Romijn (, April 13, 2002


You're such a rascal.

-- (3@3.3), April 15, 2002.

Are you burning a "standard compliant" VCD with nero, and is the mpg VCD compliant (1150kb video, 224kb MP2 audio).

If the source is not VCD standard, and you tell nero to make a standard compliant VCD it will re-encode the mpg file before burning. Older version warned/asked it would re-encode.

By creating a non standard VCD nero will not re-encode. (You can select this when you start a "new VCD" in nero, I think the first tab).

Regards, Hans Bus

-- Hans Bus (, April 15, 2002.

the answer was my old Plextor burner. It burned normal data cd's music cd's, but not VCD and SVCD 's I do not know why, but I tried burning on the same machine and with the same file and burning prog. Only a brand new burner and voila no problem anymore.

thanks you all for your "time"

-- Pascal Romijn (games@bart.nlspam), April 16, 2002.

hi if your movie file is a MPG-1 VCD (encoded with TMPGenc using recomended template -PAL/NTSC) try to use the VCDEasy to burn your movie as VCD to de CD-R, because the problem must be in the Nero-you miss a thing. 2man

-- 2man (, April 17, 2002.

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