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I'll be in New Mexico next month to photograph Ship Rock among other things. The topographic maps show a number of dirt roads in the vicinity of the peak. I'm particularly interested in the one that goes west around the east-west dike, and the one that heads roughly north on the east side of the mountain.

What is the condition of these roads - is a 4x4 required or is a normal 2-wheel drive vehicle adequate? I realize that all bets may be off in the event of rain. I'm talking about normal, dry conditions.

This land is part of the Navajo reservation, and the mountain itself is sacred to the Navajo people. Is it legal and acceptable to the local people to approach the mountain on these roads, or is a Navajo guide required? I don't intend to climb on the mountain.

Is camping allowed in this area along these or other dirt roads?

Thanks for your help.

-- Bruce M. Herman (, April 12, 2002


Is it legal and acceptable to the local people to approach the mountain on these roads..

Bruce-If you want to know what is legal and acceptable to the Navaho, you are asking in the wrong place. I suggest you ask them by calling their offices. The opinions you might get here are certainly not legal,not Navaho, and are likely to run the gamut from people who respect Navaho sovreignty to those who would answer to nobody. My non-legal, non-Navaho opinion is, when one is on Navaho lands one has to abide by Navaho regulations, and the Navaho are the best source for those regulations.

-- Wayne (, April 12, 2002.

I've car camped along the road that runs N-S on the E side of the prominent N-S dyke without any problems. It's almost a necessity, as there are no motels in Shiprock. You'd have to go to Farmington to find a room.

-- Todd Caudle (, April 12, 2002.

I've been to Shiprock a number of times.. and everytime I've been amazed that there is nowhere to stay, not even a shappy, cheap motel. Then again, if you've been there you'll probably understand why nobody wants to stay there.

The 'rock' itself is nice though, especially as the first rays of light hit it at sunrise.

-- Nigel Turner (, April 12, 2002.

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