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Hi, I am very new to DCC and just bought the MRC prodigy. I then replaced my reverse section switches with MRC auto reverse modules. this all worked fine till I just added the power station 8. since doing so, my engine stalls for a second or two when sometimes entering or sometimes exiting the reverse section. the first time I run thru the reverse section the relays trip ok, but if I reverse the engine and run back thru I get the stalls. If I remove the power station 8, everything runs fine again. Called tech support at Mrc and they told me they never heard of this type of problem, yet when reading this usernet, I see someone else had this same problem but it was dated two years ago, and I didn't see any cure posted. I even tried a new reverse module and it does the same thing. can anyone hlp me please... Jerry......

-- Jerry Majewicz (, April 11, 2002


I cannot speak for MRC since I have a Digitrax system. All I can suggest is that if there is a method of changing the sensitivity of the unit to sense the reversal short, that may help. If the power station unit takes too long to sense the short, of course it will appear as a stall. Does the unit ever switch polarity regardless of the length of the stall?

In my system, sensitivity is an issue since my power distribution module can act either as a short circuit manager or as an ARU. If the sensitivity of the module is too high, my short circuit protection will kick in long before the auto reverse.

Just a suggestion.

Doug Fraser

-- Doug Fraser (, May 06, 2002.

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