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I just received a couple of the lens cases from Justin Gnass' outfit in California and I wanted to let other shooters know about them. They are a great way to carry lenses. The large cases are about a foot long and will hold four of my lenses with movable dividers. There is also a small back pocket for cable release, etc. The case is just large enough to hold Linhof technica boards on the lenses, with the boards perpendicular to the case.

I also have the 4x5 film holder, which is also a great improvement over anything I have seen for carrying multiple film holders in the field. It folds up pretty compactly and is great for rain protection. The site for ordering is Justin is great to work with and all of the gear that I have is top rate.

-- Randy Redford (, April 11, 2002


Howdy R! thanks for the info; do you have some digital photos of these that you can post????? best wishes! m.

-- miles feigenbaum (, April 11, 2002.


You can see some images at His products have been highly recommended on this forum, and by Jack Dykinga in his book, "Large Format Nature Photography."

-- Dave Karp (, April 11, 2002.

I just tried to download their PDF brochure and my IE browser cleared and just stopped. Nothing! Is anyone else having this problem? I do have Acrobat Reader installed.

-- Stephen Willard (, April 12, 2002.

It just worked fine for me.

-- Dean Cookson (, April 12, 2002.

I had a problem downloading any images from the Gnass site, but their are pics of the items in Dykinga's book. BTW, I have been using the short lens cases and the film holder file and am very impressed with the quality. Justin has promised new additions to his range sometime this Spring.

-- paul owen (, April 13, 2002.

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