Were most of poe's stories in dreams

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Were most of poe's stories in dreams..please help me

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2002


Dreams are a source of inspiration for many writers. I'm sure some of his ideas were. Another great writer who wrote a lot about dreams was HP Lovecraft ("The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath").

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2002

In his poems Poe specifically mentions instances of key inspirations, not just for a particular vision but for an emotional theme that will carry on for the rest of his life. "Dreams" "Dreamland" . Poems of visionary landscapes like "The Valley of Unrest" and "The City in the Sea". Eleanora and Arnheim as dreamlike stories. But the most important are those first experiences in piercing the tantalizing barrier. Attaching other sources to these sentiments is more likely than a series of dreams for each specific story. The poetic sensibility and philosophy of Poe attained its visionary birth in those earliest dreams when the novelty made reality and the dream most blurred and interchangeable and almost the gateway to the beyond.

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2002

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