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I have been using TMPGEnc to convert .avi and DivX to MPEG-1. My problem is that on some of the vidoes there is no sound after converting. I have checked the prperties before converting and they read: audio stream is layer 3, 127kBit, 48000Hz. Others have 56kBit, 95kBit. Is my problem with the odd number kBit, or what? Does anyone know what I need to do to rectify my audio problems. I have used TMPGEnc for other videos and all worked fine. Thanks for any help.

-- Keith Hartman (, April 10, 2002


TMPGenc sometimes has problems converting 48000 Hz audio. I would recommend that you use TMPGenc only to convert the video and use something like BeSweet to convert the audio to MPEG-2. You can find out about BeSweet at Go to the downloads section. There might also be a guide to using it on the site also. The combination of the bizarre bit rate and 48000 Hz is probably causing TMPGenc to have all kinds of problems. TMPGenc excels at video encoding, but it's not the best choice for audio. Just FYI, any MP3 file with a bit rate below 128 is probably going to be bad quality. 56 will be awful.

-- Root (, April 10, 2002.

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