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Hey guys,

first of all I have had copy you my last message to Gina, before my vacation/holidays/hollies starts.

Dear Gina, youīre so lovely to my mum and me, many thanks for the little message to the other members. I told my Mum at Monday evening, before the operation was, that I could swore, that many guys prays for her, if they knows that. I would like to write a message on the board, but you write at your own, that it is closed, so I couldnīt do it. I know youīre so lovely and do it for me, coz itīs today my last day before Iīm back at Monday, 08th April. Special thanks to Sarah and Alyssa, for your praying, you both are so lovely. Many thanks it helps us (my fam and me), to know that so many other people are with us. I know that I could feel free to speaking with you about that, and itīs very nice from you. I think you have your own family problems, so I think itīs time to tell you better news, then the last ones. The tumor is not from the bad kind, sorry but I donīt know the english word. It was 2 cm big, the doctors must open the right head side, to take it off. (Terrible, my english isnīt so very well, to writing what I would like to tell). Today morning I phoned with the nurses from the station, but my mum wasnīt their. Then I phoned with the intensive care unit, the nurse was standing at my mum, and so i could speak for a minute with her. The nurses brings her back to the station at 10 oīclock a.m, now sheīs sleeping. The first sentence at the phone call was: "Petra, Iīm feeling good, and please write a message to your fanclub, and write "MMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNYYYY Thanx, for that very good praying and a special thanx to Hayley your aussie mate". I write it to Hayley, so she knows it. So thatīs the message from my mum, to all of you, guys. Iīm sure, that I can write better news, when Iīm back in the office. First of all, I can tell you, that my mum must be in the university clinic for the next 10 days, then their brings her back to the other hospital in our country, coz they want to find out, why her blood isnīt okay. At the moment, we donīt know how long does it need. Then in a half year later, she must going back to the university clinicīs, coz the following up examination. During that time, she couldnīt do anything alone. Every time my dad or I or my sister (if she has got the time, coz she lives fare away from home), we must help her. Sheīs not allowed to drive her car, for one year, so that my dad must learn it again. He had made his licence 13 yearīs ago at the age of 50. But during that 13 years he havenīt drive a car anymore. So I think that Iīm teaching him, during my vacation if he feels better after that bad things. So guys now Iīll wish you all, happy, nice easter days, with many presents for you. God gave me my present, coz he is at my mum. Thanx for all of you, you are a really good, nice and funny big family. Gina if you like you can copy that letter for the messageboard if it runs again. I think itīs easier for you, before you write your own words.

So and now the news after my vacation:

My mum is back at home since Wednesday, 3 April. Every day she feels a little bit better.

The doctors decided to let her go home for the next 2 - 3 months, coz during the week in the hospital, she must take more then 20 pills per day, and so the blood couldnīt be okay. In 3 months she must go back to the hospital for a week or so, and in 6 months she has her follow up examination then, only one day.

Last but not least Iīll congratulate all the birthday guys:

Emma (28. March) Tina (02. April) Jenny (04. April) Kim (04. April) Heathy (04. April) and Tiffany (10. April) have a very nice day, that all your wishes came be true.

So thatīs enough to read know for you, mo more boring now.

Yours Petra

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2002

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