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Do any of the fans of (LF photographer)Gabriele Basilico happen to know if "Cityscapes" and "Nelle Altre Città" are the same book, just Italian and English publications?

I only properly came across Basilicos work in the last few months and it's amazing - blows me away. Images stick in my mind..

tim a

-- tim atherton (, April 09, 2002



Welcome to the delights of Basilico — a hero for me.

In the Bibliography of Cityscapes under the sub-head "Books and Catalogues by Gabriele Basilico" there is a listing for 'Nelle altre cittå, Art&, Undine, 1998. Text by Gabriele Basilico. 77 black-and-white photographs.' This would suggest that it is another publication altogether since Cityscapes has 367 photographs and no text by Basilico but a dialogue between G.B. and Filippo Maggia dated 24 may 1999.

If you have not seen it already, might I suggest you track down a copy of "Venezia_Marghera" published by Edizioni Charta. ISBN: 88-8158-128-0 which is an archive study of Marghera the port city near Venice. There were some 15 'art' photographers including Basilico, Olivo Barbieri and Walter Niedermayr. An absolute gem!

Walter Glover

-- Walter Glover (, April 10, 2002.

As Walter said, these are different books. "Nelle altre citta" has been published by Art&, from Udine in Italy, with 77 photographs, "Cityscapes" by Baldini & Castoldi in Italy and Thames & Hudson in GB in 1999, with 367 photographs and an introduction by Alvaro Siza (I don't remember the dialog).

-- Jimmy Péguet (, April 10, 2002.

Nelle altre città has larger reroductions, and in my view better printed. The other two great books by Basilico published by Art& are "La sperienza dei luoghi" and "Porti di mare".

-- Miguel Jiménez (, April 12, 2002.

Thank you Miguel,

I shall look into those also.

Happy days,

Walter Glover

-- Walter Glover (, April 12, 2002.

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