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I am considering roped solo climbing for the first time and would like to get some feedback on techniques that are considered useful. The climbing I plan on doing is mainly single pitch trad, I have looked at the Silent Partner but would prefer something less "mechanical" if possible. Single rope methods of prime interest. I have practiced using a clove hitch and other than feeding, this looks like it might be an option. I know this might draw flak but a I have considered the risk and feel I have enough experience to give it a try. Thanks....Steve.

-- Stephen Allen (, April 09, 2002


Stephen, there are several options. I suggest you browse the older questions posted here. This topic has been dicussed more than once. Free climbing self belay is scary any way you cut it, unless your well below your limit. Good luck.

-- Rick (, April 16, 2002.

If your gonna climb solo i'd suggest you fix the rope, and then self belay up it w/ a GriGri. Being a member of a Technical Rescue team, i'd say get a partner and be safe. If the shit hits the fan out there, that's it. No matter how much experience you have, you can always get hurt. Even if you know self rescue techniques, you have to be concious and able to perform them. What happens if you fall on a hand-jam and break your wrist? Can you save your ass w/ one hand? Just things to think about.

I'd go fixed rope but thats just me.

-- Jim Davis (, January 05, 2003.

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