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Dear Friends, As one person said, WELL IRENE IS RIGHT AGAIN, you hurt my feelings, Let me tell you how I grew up. My parents were dirt poor, and it was the depression. We lived in a two room shack, and grass grew through the floor. We raise every thing we ate. I picked strawberries all summer so I could have a pair of shoes, and a couple of dresses. The Japanese had strawberrie farms. We raised all our meat. I hauled in water from a well, and my mom scrubbed on a wash board. I took care of a garden because my mom was sick most of the time. We lived close to the ocean so would gather up what ever stuff would come in on the tide to feed the chickens, Didn"t have money for chicken feed.My father got odd jobs when he could find some. I could go on and on. But because of lifes hard knocks,I had to learn to do things, and I must say they do come in handy now and then. If I have sounded like a know it all I deeply regret it. I will try very hard not to do that in the future. God Bless

-- Irene texas (, April 09, 2002


Irene, don't you apologize to ANYONE! God Bless, Julie in OK

-- Julie (, April 09, 2002.

Oh Irene, you are NOT like that at all! In fact, you're wise beyond years. With aging, along with sagging skin,creaking bones, failing eyesight and all the other challenges, comes wisdom. We've been there, done that! You're full of wonderful advice and don't quit giving it. If someone chooses to not listen, it's they're choice. Personally, I read everyting you post.

-- Ardie/WI (, April 09, 2002.

Irene, I didn't see that post, and don't know who wrote it - but shame on them for hurting your feelings!

Personally, I have learned a lot from you, and appreciate your posts. I grew up in the city, both parents worked, and I was very isolated. I learned most of what I know from books - and have been able to teach myself quite a few things. But, to actually be able to learn from someone who has DONE things herself - that is so much more valuable than any book learning I've ever done! I've lived in the country for several years now, but everyday is a new learning experience. I'm so thankful to you, and other "veterans" like yourself who can pass along your hard won knowledge. God bless you!

-- Cheryl in KS (, April 09, 2002.

Dear Irene, from time to time, I've had my feelings hurt, too, as I'm sure others have, and I'm sure I've hurt feelings, as well. I don't think any of us intend to do that, but when we are just typing thoughts, you know, there's no way to show how we mean it. It might seem one way to us, and another way on the screen. Rest assured you are loved by us on this forum. No need to change a thing, or apologize for being yourself. Anyway, what's wrong with being right?:) I'm happy if I'm right once in awhile. lol.

-- mary (, April 09, 2002.

I've never gotten that feeling from you Irene. I wouldn't worry too much about what someone else said. I enjoy reading your posts here. Don't change a thing.

-- Dave (, April 09, 2002.

Hey Irene -

Are you sure the poster meant to hurt your feelings? (I missed the original post, so don't know the context) Maybe they meant it as a compliment! Even if they didn't mean it as a compliment, you should take it as such!! We all enjoy learning from you! ;)

-- heather (, April 09, 2002.

Don't you dare change a thing about your responses just because a single somewhat onrey individual took a pot shot at are a GEM my friend! Besides, I read the post and I think the person misunderstood your response anyway....back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was in my teens, a person said something truly hateful and hurt my feelings badly..a kindly old nun took me aside and asked me if my world revolved around that person's opinion, AND if there were a grain of truth in it? Since the answer to both of the questions was NO, she advised me to ignore it and pray for the meanie who made the remark to begin with. 40 plus years later, it is still sound advice I think! Your advice and remarks come from years of experience and are always welcomed! God bless.

-- lesley (, April 09, 2002.

Irene, please don't apologize, you are one of the kindest, most giving people on this forum. I always read your posts and am greatful that you are so willing to share.

-- Polly (, April 09, 2002.

I appreciate you too, Irene! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Best wishes.

-- cowgirlone in ok (, April 09, 2002.

Irene, I also appreciate your posts and am glad we have folks like you here with so much experience and one so willing to share it. That's why we all come here and ask. Don't let rude people get to you. There are more of us here that appreciate and want all the info you can give us!

-- Karen (, April 09, 2002.

I think sometimes it is just the way someone reads what we write! I truly believe that NO ONE has had their feelings hurt more on this foum than I have, but usually I just don't say anything. I did not see that post until this morning and it is now gone. When I answered that question earlier in the evening it was not showing on my screen.

Of course as an older person you are filled with knowledge, and that is a good thing!!! I hope to someday know as much! But you are also still learning which is what I love about you. You are always asking questions and responding to others in a helpful way. Don't worry about the naysayers, you know what kind of person you are!!!!!

I just don't like sarcastic responses for this very reason, even if it is a joke, some people "don't take jokes" (my little boy always says this when his sisters tease him!!) So generally I will only tease others or joke around if I am 100% sure they will realize I am kidding.

So everyone try to respond in a kind way, think about how it will affect others, be nice!!!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 09, 2002.

This brings up a very good point. Are we saying exactly what we want to convey? When I post in any forum, I check and recheck what I'm writing. That is for spelling and grammar. I read it over and over to try to make certain I'm clear in my message. And, I bet someone has taken my post the wrong way at one time or another. That person can't see my expression or hear my tone of voice.

Just make an effort to be nice!

-- Ardie/WI (, April 09, 2002.

Irene you are great. Don't let it bug you. I love your answers and posts.

-- John in Mn. (, April 09, 2002.

I'm on the west coast so didn't see the post.....Irene I love your writings and enjoy reading what you have to say. I've never seen you be out of line. Keep on posting. You have so much to share. Thanks

-- Jo in Central Wa. (, April 09, 2002.

I did see the reply to Irene's post...I agree with Lesley that the person didn't even understand what Irene said. That aside, the response was rude and unnecessary. I was going to reply, but someone else had already done so and I saw no need to add my 2 cents worth.

Irene, do NOT let a rude comment upset you. As you can see from the above replies, we all enjoy your posts! Please continue to post all the info you wish, no one thinks you come across as a know it all, and I'm sure we all appreciate any information you are willing share. I know I do. Post away and don't worry about how you sound!

It's true that we all need to proof read our posts before we send them as on occasion things just don't come out the way we intended. On the other hand, sometimes no matter how careful we are with our words, some people will find something to take offense at. (I'm not talking about you here, Irene. You had good reason to have your feelings hurt by that post.) Fortunately, most of the posters on this forum don't intend to hurt anyone with their comments. On the rare occasions that it happens it's "almost" always unintentional. Just one of the things I appreciate about the people who post here...most everyone is genuinely nice! :)

-- Lenette (, April 09, 2002.

Hang in there Irene, you're doing great!

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, April 09, 2002.

Irene,---- I do so appreciate your wisdom!!!!!! You know when we get to a certain age & we have been there done that & bought the T-shirt a few thousand times in many different fields /ha!----we would be idots if we hadn't learned from all of that wouldn't we???? HA!

I'm an abrupt person----I say things----but with my voice they can hear the laughter in my voice--etc./etc.---but on this computer it doesn't give that same impression!!!! ha!--- Most all ya know I use many "!!!!!!!" as that is how I write----but it doesn't mean----what I have had a few/ miss understand!!!!

I have been totally miss understood also----& when some one shot me down----I just didn't answer back---cause how do you explain it all over a computer---??? ha!

I just think that some/ when they get to the age we are & own as many T-shirts as we do/ from being there /& doing that/ ha!-----they will have a much better understanding!!! And some won't ever own as many T- shirts as we do /no matter what!!!!!! And will never have a clue!!! ha!

Irene /I just hope I can always remember what I have learned from all those experiences----as some people will never understand as they will never have been there or done that!!!!! ha!

Sometimes I have/ had to make the same mistakes my self over a few times just to make for sure it was a mistake/ the first time!!! ha!!

I sure don't know it all & I learn everyday-----but at the age you are & the age I am/ sometimes those who have no clue--but think they do----will never understand/ we have forgotten more many days that that have learned in lessons yet in life!!!

That is just the way it is!!!!! Sometimes we want to help others that they don't have to reinvent the wheel---

I cherrish being able to learn from someone oldier than myself---as I have a great understanding of the hardships they have been through to get to where they are-----

I'm sure I come off knowing it all-----I don't in any way mean to---- it is just I have worked in sooo many different fields---have owned soo many different businesses----done soooo many different things--- that many people even my age have not experienced---& I am a care giver by nature---& I want to help & some times I come off in a different way that I mean to!!

I do so admire you----I cherrish your wisdom------& I learn from you-- --just keep being you----& I do hope some of those who have not begun to experience what we have----in many cases never have to/ to learn what we have over the years!!!! God Bless--- later Sonda

-- Sonda in Ks. (, April 09, 2002.

You have all been so nice, it made me cry. I love this forum, And as my husband says, I think about to many things. There"s so much I would still like to learn, and I read every post. I really didn"t know so many of you read my postings. I feel very humble. And thanks for cheering me up. That was a downer this morn. Love you all.

-- Irene texas (, April 09, 2002.

Irene, you are so kind and wise. I love reading your posts and you are appreciated. Blessings!

-- Jean in No. WI (, April 09, 2002.

Irene, I LOVE your posts. I would be so sorry if you changed a thing!

-- Christi (, April 09, 2002.

Ok sweetie dry those eyes and start a new post please...hmmmm, I'd like to hear more about what you all managed to find to feed those chickens! Might give folks near the ocean some old/new ideas!

-- lesley (, April 09, 2002.

Take it from the Master of Disaster in forums ! Speak your truth ! Some people will make it work for them and others will not understand. They will hearken to another voice. You are never wrong--mis-quoted, mis-understood, mis-lead, or missed the boat, but never wrong to speak !

-- Joel Rosen (, April 10, 2002.

I did not see the post, but DEFinitely felt your pain when I read your post. Good to see so many people feel the same way I do about you. Melissa, Lesley, Sonda, and specially Joel, always tell it like it is, so I hope you understand now that your views are welcome and even treasured on this forum.

The "old ones" are revered, respected, and treasured in many cultures. The young and brash should hope and pray that eventually they, too, will gain knowledge and wisdom, and learn the patience it takes to pass it on.

I for one pray and beg of you to love those of us who are searching for knowledge and wisdom to keep dishing out those "pearls of experience" for us to add to our "life pantry".

Ignore the rants of the foolish. I want the T-shirts!

Wishing You Peace and Love In His Grace

-- Michaela (, April 10, 2002.

Irene, I love your posts. You are so helpful and full of knowledge.I don't know what I would do without your input. Share everything you have with me!!!! That is how I will learn!!!Don't let one person get you down, there are tons of here that want you to share!!Thanks for all your wonderful advice and help. Can't wait to read more. God Bless-Micheale

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (, April 10, 2002.


I did not see the post, but don't have to see it to know that you are a very nice person and always kind to all on the forum. That in itself speaks volumes. I have a second job and a lot of elderly folks come in to shop where I work. Most people don't want to deal with them cause they're slow physically or take too much time pondering over this or that. I am the one that usually waits on them and you know why? Those are the nice customers, who are polite, soft spoken, know what they want, and are courteous to me. I always end up learning something from them about flowers, fertilizer, or gardening. I have only had one older man in his 70's who was rude to me, and before he left we were chatting about horses and mules and now he comes and finds me when he shops. I find older people much more patient and tolerant than given credit. You just don't pay that poster no never mind, and keep writing. Who ever it was, if they intentionally meant to hurt your feelings, should be ashamed. I try to put a smilie face in my posts or word it to show I am kidding, but in this format, people can get hurt easily. I am sorry that you were one of them. Keep those fingers nimble and type, type, type us posts - we enjoy reading them. And please don't let anyone here ever make you cry - that's just too sad for words.

Best always,

-- Cindy (, April 11, 2002.

Hi Irene! Just wanted to let you know that I read the first post and know what was said and HOW it was said. I simply took into consideration the source, gave a snort of derision, ignored it and got the good from the information you and others shared. Please don't let the petty, small-mindedness of the few discourage you from sharing all your wonderful knowledge and experience with the rest of us. As you can see by this thread, you are much appreciated and well loved!

-- Phil in KS (, April 12, 2002.

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