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I finally got my first LF camera 2 weeks ago (Ebony RSW + Schneider SA 90/f8). I was wondering if any other LF users in UK could provide advice on where they buy their film and what labs they use. Best prices for film appears to be 7dayshop but they only seem to sell Velvia, Provia, FP4 and HP5. I have used Advantage Photo Services in Swindon for the last 3 years and they seem ok. They're certainly quick. Posted my first 10 sheets Wed lunchtime and had them back friday pm - impressive. Any comments?

-- Nigel Sutton (, April 09, 2002


Mr Cad in Croyden ( have the cheapest B&W sheet film (Maco UP100) that I have found so far. Maybe not the best film on the market, but the low price makes learning from my mistakes not too painful.

-- John D. Haughton (, April 09, 2002.

Teamwork in London, Silverprint also in London and Robert White (poole) all are very quick and also stock quickload/readyload. Silverprint have good supplies of more unusual films (Bergger, Tech Pan etc)plus are the best darkroom chemical/paper supplier in the UK (IMHO) . Mr Cad also do IR film in 5X4. I can provide addresses /telephone numbers if needed and they are all on the web.

For the 5X4 stuff 7dayshop is more expensive than any of the others just named - or was the last time I looked.

Best regards


-- David Tolcher (, April 09, 2002.

Believe it or not, Jessops stock a few boxes of 5x4 FP4 and HP5 (in cardiff anyway) and only cost 14.95. Speedgraphic also do some deals on FP4. As for more exotic film try Silverprint, Mr Cad and Robert White.

-- paul owen (, April 09, 2002.

Jessops are very competative with Kodak 5x4 B & W film. Personnally I thought that Bregger was rubbish. Maco seems to be fairly good and I am developing it in Pyrocat HD with no loss of film speed.

-- Pete Watkins (, April 09, 2002.

Glad someone else isn't that impressed with the Bergger films! I find it grainy no matter what dev I use! The trouble is that in the long run it will be companys like Bergger who will be the only ones making sheet film.

-- paul owen (, April 10, 2002.

I can only talk about Jessops in Manchester. They normally stock Ilford 5x4 BW & Fuji colour tran's. Sometimes Kodak BW as well. They often have P/N 55 & I've even had some HP5 10x8 from them.

I don't know if this is typical for all branches but it's certainly worth giving you local branch a try.


-- Russell Fox (, April 10, 2002.

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