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1. Smokey McPott will not be here. 2. You can go and eat at Hollywood Frys, which only serves fried food and hosts an amazing array of dipping sauces. (Ron, I know you are tempted). 3. You can hang out with me, Nardine. 4. You can go surfing and say things like, "shaka bra". 5. I can take Snoops to see the Hollywood Men strip show where he can learn some new moves. 6. There are awesome hills on campus that are just begging to be raced down on blocks of ice. 7. You can visit me in the dorms and meet lots of ladies. 8. We can go to frat parties and punch drunk frat guys and then run away. 9. There are millions and million of teeny-bopper girls who have yet to become your fans. This is a huge untapped market. 10. Once again you can hang out with me, Nardine. I hope you will seriously consider my proposal and get back to me.

-- Nardine (, April 09, 2002

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