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Can someone tell me something about the Nikkor135W and the Nikkor 150W? I don't know wich one is best 4 me. Infact I need a "normal" lens for my 4x5 camera; I presume that the 135W is better for architecture ( that's what I need ) but I'm afraid that it can not allow enough movements so that's why I was considerin' the 150W. Can someone help me? Thanx

-- smith (, April 08, 2002


After using a 150 f5.6 W Nikon lens for over ten years, I recently sold it and purchased a 150 Fujinon CM-W. The Fuji has nearly the same image circle, but it takes a 67 mm screw-in filter (my standard size).The Nikon requires a step-up ring from 52 mm to 67 mm. Both are excellent lenses. Regarding the choice between a 135, or a 150, I would choose the 150 for its larger image circle. As soon as possible, obtain a 90 f8 SW Nikon, and you will have an outstanding set of matched lenses for architecture. Check with Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange ( he has several used Nikons in stock, at very reasonable prices.

-- Eugene (, April 08, 2002.

A 135 is too short for a general purpose lens on 5x4, IMHO. The image circle won't allow you enough lens shift to take full advantage of using LF.
The 150 mm would be a better all-round lens, unless you're going to be using a 6x9 rollfilm back.
If you really need a wider lens, then go for something like the 90 mm SW Nikkor, Super Angulon, Grandagon-N, or a Symmar XL. These wide-angle lenses have a much bigger image circle than the 135 mm Nikkor-W, giving you the front rise you'll need for architectural work.

-- Pete Andrews (, April 09, 2002.

If you are going to photograph architecture, it is somewhat likely that over time you will end up with a lens in the 115mm to 125mm focal length, in addition to a 90mm and perhaps a 75mm or wider. If you see the 115-125mm focal length as a possibility for you, the 150mm is a better choice than the 135mm. By the way, the 90mm that Eugene recommended is a nice choice in the group of 90mm lenses with f/8 max apertures. It is the only one with an image circle comparable to the bigger, more expensive 90mm f/5.6 or f.4.5 lenses.

I have no experience with the Nikon lenses you mentioned. I do have a very nice 450mm Nikon. It is a very nice lens. I second the recommendation to talk to Jim. Very knowledgeable, easy to deal with. Ask him any questions you might have about these lenses, or lenses from any other manufacturers. I have purchased several items from him. The used lens I bought from him looked like it was never touched prior to my purchase.

Best of luck.

-- Dave Karp (, April 09, 2002.

Thank you very much for your suggestions! It seems to be right to me to tell you that I already own a 75 SW , 90 SW and a 210.Thanks again!

-- smith (, April 09, 2002.

I was in the same position as you at one time, with a 75, 90, and 210. I opted for a 125mm lens, going for a mild wide angle rather than a normal lens. So far, I am pleased with the choice. I thought about splitting the difference and going with a 135mm, but finally decided that if I decide I need a normal lens some day, a 150mm would be a better normal lens, and the 125mm would be better than the 135mm for both architecture and other mild wide angle needs. I am betting that I won't ever need the 150mm.

However, If someone offered me a 150mm and a 135mm lens, I think I would go with the 150mm and its larger image circle, even if I did not have the 125mm. If the 150mm proved too long for a tight space, I would just use the 90mm and move the camera (if possible) or crop the image.

Just an opinion, hope it helps.

-- Dave Karp (, April 09, 2002.

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