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Does someone know the proportion used with Spotone inks for Ilford FB Multigrade IV dipped for 2-3 minutes in Selenium diluted at 1:20? Many thanks for your answers. Awsiya.

-- awsiya (, April 08, 2002


Hi Awsiya,

There really isn't a set formula, so I would suggest experimenting with some selenium toned work prints. Try #3 Natural Black mixed with various proportions (very slight, though) of #0 Olive, and experiment until you're happy. I tend to tone my Ilford FB Multigrade IV a bit more for a cooler tone, so I generally can get away with just the #3. This paper does have a greenish cast, which might be more evident with less toning, hence the olive.

I usually mix my inks and then let them dry on a piece of glass before working with them, then use a very slightly moistened brush.

The tedium!

-- Chris J. Jordan (Boston) (, April 08, 2002.

Spotone has, or had, a spotting toner for selenium prints. It does not come with the three-bottle kit and has to be purchased seperately.


-- Doug Paramore (, April 12, 2002.

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