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Hi I have an AE1-P camera (not that this would make a difference) and wanted to know who makes the better/best brand of Polarizing filters? Hoya seems well spoken of, but being a beginner in photography I'm just not sure. I like good quality equiptment and hate wasting money on inferior equiptment. Thankyou

-- neil henretty (, April 08, 2002


I have used Hoya filters for several years on my FD equipment (a multi-coated polarizer, warming filter, and UV filters on each lens) and find them to be very satisfactory. Even their cheapest "standard" filters have single coatings on each glass side, cutting down flare and reflection better than other non-coated glass. If cost is not an issue, invest in one of their multi-coated filters - some are modestly priced, and the quality and flare control can't be beat. The polarizer I own has given me many wonderful pictures - deep blue skies/bright colors on slide film and rich tonality in b&w. Don't mistunderstand me - I have no connections with Hoya - I'm simply speaking out of my personal experience. Hope this helps.

PS: I also use an AE-1P. It's a very capable, solidly built camera.


-- James (, April 11, 2002.

My best filter choice is B&W,expensive but very high quality.If you ever compare typical japanese filters vs B&W,you just place them and look.Side by side.B&W is very well made in metal frame.Try to compare UV filter.May be Hoya HMC vs B&W MC ,you place both filters on white paper.Everyone can easily see the difference.My choice B&W if cost is not important.Ok,Hoya is very good for its price.

-- Adisak Kittiwarakul (, April 16, 2002.

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