C&WC Combines 30-33

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The C&WC modified some truss-rod combines and the cars were used in mixed train service even into the diesel age. When the ACL took over these cars, they renamed them caboose cars, but I can not find their numbers or where they were used, or any photos of those cars on the ACL. Were they scapped shortly after 1959? If not, what were their reporting marks, colors, and where were they used? Al Langley's excellent C&WC Album clearly states in the notes that ACL took the cars and renumbered three of them 0800, 0801, and 0802. Now the question would be were they used in revenue service or as cabooses and were they repainted red? I dont find them in the ACL passenger roster anywhere, and I suspect they were in MOW service only since they were wooden truss rod cars. What was their final disposition? Webmaster - Q&A Posts were combined with author's permission

-- Mike West (mwest4@comcast.net), April 08, 2002


One was used on the McCormick-Anderson branch, running daily except Sunday. I can't remember the year they were withdrawn. I recall that regular cabooses were eventually used on this run. It all seems so long ago.

-- Riley Kinney (csx333@yahoo.com), April 11, 2002.

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