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Have tried to put DH 121 decoder in an Athearn SW 7 Cow but it won't fit. Very little room for anything. Any suggestions as to what decoder will fit and where to put it. Thanks Dick Jones

-- Dick Jones (, April 08, 2002



I have DH121s in several Athearn SW locos. I put them at the front of the chassis above the front truck. I can fit them there because I remove the stock headlight and modify the head light mounting bracket (I cut off the socket and leave the upper part of the bracket as a "L" shape) so that it makes a flat platform for the decoder to sit on. I change the headlight bulb to a 1.5 volt microbulb inserted into a small hole I drill in the back of the clear plastic headlight insert. I do the same for the backup light too.


-- Dale Gloer (, April 09, 2002.

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