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I just read J-Dub's last entry (March 10th). Yeah, I'm behind I know. I'm from the slacker generation, what can I say?

So, I'm reading away enjoying Jen's concrete story telling prose -- blah blah man exposed himself dah dah public urination in plants (I grew concerned at that one lemme tell ya - then I remembered that it couldn't have been me --- she's at least three hundred miles away.) Then it happened.

I've always respected Jen, a lot more than my feeble attempts at making her rudeboy's luv interest may make it seem, but what I saw, right there in black and white print draped over a bland default html template for all the world to see was an admission that not only did she like "The Fast and the Furious" but that it, ewwww, that it "did not disappoint".

Astonishing. I felt like I had been walking down the yellow brick road as instructed, spotted the Emerald City in the distance, finally feeling I was 'on my way' only to round the corner and be scrotum punched by a member of the munchkin lollipop guild in some twisted Wizard of Oz nightmare.

Crazy blind elevator lady, night at the symphony and BAM! A review of a street punk tuner movie that did not include the words "purposefully juvenille". The really scary thing is, I've no absolute inclination as to how this revelation of questionable taste effects my quest for luv, but I must say that my gut is telling me there may be a sliver of hope after all. I'm all giddy n' shit again.

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2002


I think Jen Wade needs a web cam. It's too bad I can't issue a poll here on the charming ol' school style Greenspun LUSENET, but were the capability available I am sure that the people would overwhelmingly support such an endeavor. The only question would be where to put it. I'd vote for the lab were it a possibilty. Nothing finer than watching a cute scientist go about dutifully performing her daily regimen and doing, you know, science stuff.

With Dr. Green having left the E.R. and Friends almost off of the air I think the idea merits careful and thoughtful consideration.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2002

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