Episode 1.02: "Day One"

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Original Air Date: September 22, 1994
Written by: John Wells
Directed by: Mimi Leder

Guest Stars:
Christine Harnos (Jennifer Greene)
John Terry (Dr. David Cvetic)
Tyra Ferrell (Dr. Sarah Langworthy)

Wendy wakes Susan up to tend to a baby who has swallowed an ear ring and is in respiratory distress. Carter has to give rectal exams to a number of older people who have food poison. Mark and Susan tell Doug that it has been 8 weeks since Carol's suicide attempt and that it is time for him to go and see her. Mark tells him that it was not his fault. "You have to forgive yourself sooner or later". Jenn passed her bar exam and comes to the E.R. to see her husband. A large wedding party comes in because they got food poisoning at the reception, the same place the older people got poisoned at. They all have to get rectal exams also. Lewis and Cvetic do not see eye to eye on a patients care. We see them together later on and they are involved. Doug finally goes to see Carol. Helen, her mother, meets him at the door and tells him to go away. Carol tells her that it is okay. He tells her how great she looks and then he leaves. He is only there for a minute. Reviewed by Tony Conner on 09-06-2000

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