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I am thinking of a Schneider SA 38/5.6 XL for my Arca Swiss F 6x9. I was wondering if anyone has used this wide lens for 6x9 and can provide some insights both good and if applicable bad.


-- Mike Kravit (, April 07, 2002


Good review in View Camera (July/August 2001).

-- paul owen (, April 07, 2002.

i use one mounted on helical mount with the cambo wide camera. works well covers 6x12 (i use a linhof back)with some movement is very need a center filter for sure. coverage is tremendous. i also use it with a horseman wide camera and a 6x9 back.i do not if you are familiar with this camera but it is very light and portable. with this set up and fast film you can do some nice hand held interiors when tripod is not allowed as in museums etc. good luck

-- luis de santos (, April 07, 2002.

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