Which FD 35-70mmm lens is the better ons?

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Hello Canon FD-experts!

I can not decide which (new) FD 35-70 mmm lens I should buy for my A1: The heavy one starting with 2,8 or the light small one starting with 3,5. I prefer the smaller one - would this be the right decision? Please - Help!!!

And many thanks in advance!!! Peter

-- Peter Hülsen (peter.huelsen@t-online.de), April 07, 2002



I'll assume you are enquiring about Canon's own lenses - but don't know where you'd be getting 'new' ones from, I thought they were discontinued a long time back.

The 2.8 will be optically superior, provide a brighter view finder and let you take photos at lower light levels without resorting to a tripod. In the UK when new it cost over 3 times as much as the 3.5

The 3.5 was lighter, cheaper and not well regarded for it's optical performance.

If cost is not an issue go for the 2.8.

-- John (j.ohn1@ntlworld.com), April 08, 2002.

Peter's diction is correct, even with non-standard parentheses: Canon's "FD" line (with the silver rotating lock ring) was followed by their "New FD" lenses, all-black models where the entire lens rotated to mount it. refer to http://www.canon.com/camera- museum/camera/lens/f_lens.html where there are four flavours of New FD 35-70mm zooms listed (if you include the autofocus rarity).

Sorry, Peter. I can defend your honour but I cannot give you comparitive advise about your options! My inclination would be to go for the New FD35-70mm f/3.5-4.5, the most recent design (March 1983). The early '80s was a time of major advances in zoom lens optics due, primarily, to the increased use of computer modeling and ray tracing software. Before such innovations, many of the zooms were lacklustre.

-- Robert Segal (robertsegal@juno.com), April 08, 2002.

(John may know something I don't, of course!)

BTW: FD lenses in unsold "new old stock" DO show up from time to time (B&H still offer some), but most often in the more exotic flavours, not in humdrum little zooms.

Also: one fairly highly regarded piece of glass was the New FD 35- 105/3.5. One of those is really what I'd prefer to cover your specified range -- and I can vouch for them from a position of ownership as well.

-- Robert Segal (robertsegal@juno.com), April 08, 2002.

Go for the new 35-70. It is light in weight and as described earlier benefits from the major advances in Canon zoom lenses during the 1980's.

These are also more readily available, I saw one in my local camera shop this weekend for £90uk in pristine boxed condition.

I have compared this lens to my widely acclaimed 50mm 1.4 new FD and there are no noticeable differences in sharpness or colour. I use a Canon T90 (excellent) and an A-1 with these and 7 or so other Canon FD lenses. The 35-70 zoom is the lens most often on the camera!

-- Joe Margetts (joe.margetts@lansystems.co.uk), April 15, 2002.

My 28-70mm at3.5 by cosina is great! I can fire at 1/30 shutter by hand and get great shots in the evening. Its in brandnew condition, and I paid $20.00 for it at a second hand shop. so when someone shows you a lens for over $40.00 be patient you can find them cheaper. The most I've paid yet is $39.00 for my70-205mm, it too is in perfect condition.

-- jeepster (jeepster360ci@yahoo.com), May 17, 2002.

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