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Are you coming to Glastonbury again this year Nigel? I saw you there with Guy several years ago. I'll be doing 12hour shifts again this year working for Glastonbury Festivals Inc!!!! But if a tune from yourself was forthcoming I'm sure I could sort some time off.

-- Steve Pearce (, April 06, 2002


Hi, no we are not at glast this year...too busy with barn renovations and 2 albums to nurse to release so next year maybe....have a good....really good time for us.....behind the fence heh? freedom is what I prefer...and all that charity stuff...what about the profiteers who make a fortune on the back of unpaid muso's good vibes who play for zero and 2 tickets...really !...I have my work cut out now I act as a Trustee for a charity, no more pissing about talking about it in a is too short to theorise for ever...'make sure we have a realy good time'...Fools of the Finest degree circa 1979...nothing changes unless we make it. nigel

-- nigel m.j. (, May 27, 2002.

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