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I bought a used Thomas Duplex safelight on e-bay. What are the correct filters to use for V.C. black and white printing? The unit seems to have a two inner red filter and then two red filters on the adjustable doors. Is this correct?

-- Jerry Cunningham (, April 06, 2002


Yeah, those are fine. I've had one for years and they're great. However, if yours came with dark green filters also, you don't need to use them for B&W. They're for color printing or possibly neg development by inspection, but they really put the dark in darkroom. The reason there are 2 sets of red filters is so that if you open the doors to get more light, you're still filtered.

-- Gary Meader (, April 06, 2002.

Either the B&H or Freestyle site will give you the color code for the filters. The tape around the edges tell you what you have.

-- Fred De Van (, April 07, 2002.

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