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The humility of Moses is especially noted in the Bible. This humility added up to a complete yieldedness to the Lord. Only in a few instances do we see Moses inserting his will into God's doings in his life. Most of the time it's simply Moses standing aside in obedience, and allowing God to work things His way.

The result was greatness, fruit, miracles, and ever increasing responsibility. These rewards were eventually envied by Aaron and Miriam, and they spoke against Moses. God judged them, but Moses' humility did not allow him to rejoice in their punishment, and he interceded for her.

What similarities or differences do you see between your life and the life of Moses? Are you allowing God ever greater control in your life? Is fruit, miracles, and responsibility increasing in your life? What's your reputation? When people speak evil of you, do you react like Moses did?

Lord, please take us through experiences where we learn humility.

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

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