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Just a quick question on how long it takes to get certification and be able to start your business? Is there anything as far as business license etc you need to do? Will I learn allof this in my certification training? :) thanks becky

-- rebecca eldenburg (, April 06, 2002


Rebecca, I am getting my certification through DONA and I can tell you how it works with them. You have to be a member of DONA which costs about $40.00 per year and insures that you follow their standards of practice like not using any sort of medical recommendations such as taking different kinds of herbs, medicines, etc. You are not suppose to use essential oils directly on the skin but using them in a bowl of warm water is OK for aromatherapy. Once you go through the DONA approved doula course I think that you have 5 years to get your certification. You have to be present at 3 births (only one can be a c-section) and I think that their time has to total at least 15 hours. You have to do a summary of what interventions were used, baby's weight, dilation and effacement at each vaginal exam, etc. You also have to write a summary on your role as a doula during each birth. You also have to get an eval from the doctor/nurse or midwife that were present at the birth scoring you on how you did as a support person. You also have to write a long essay on the benefits of labor support. You have to order the certification packet once you are a member of DONA which costs $30.00 I think which gives you all the forms to fill out and has a copy of the required reading list. After you fill out your info you send it in which costs I think $60.00 and they will get back to you within 3 months. During your training they should talk about this but it gets a little confusing. Just keep really good paperwork! Hope this helps!

-- Emily (, April 06, 2002.

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