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Does anyone know where I can find affordable slide scanning services? I have a couple of slides I would like to print at 12R. Most shops offer scans of approx $7-$10 per slide, slap on a $5 handling fee and make you pay for their CDRs at $5 per piece.

Got any "lobang", pse share?


-- Dominic (, April 06, 2002


To add to my post, the prices are for TIFF scanning. While JPEG low- res scanning is cheaper, it's quality isn't enough for my needs.

-- Dominic (, April 06, 2002.


That is about as good as it gets in Singapore, or so I have found.

I have a Nikon LS 3000 scanner and can do them for you for free if you want but I am away until early may. The scan results in a 28 meg file and can suport an 8x10 easily, if not more.

If you want to try it, drop me a line in early May.


-- richard ilomaki (, April 06, 2002.

The best price/value for scanning at :

-- Brian Simard (, February 26, 2004.

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