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My mother recently bought a chinese movie on vcd. When I tried to play in on my dvd player, the audio works fine and the video is visible in b&w, but keeps flipping out ( vertical loops). I already tried switching the PAL and NSTC.

I also checked the compatibility of this player with vcd's and it should work fine.

Please help.

-- devin kuy (, April 05, 2002


hiii vcd,dvd player oki

-- Kerem (, April 06, 2002.

1. DVD player has the auto switch capability between PAL and NTSC is good to have.

2. TV also needs to be able to handle PAL and NTSC as well.

3. If 1 does and 2 does not, then that is where the described problem occurred.

4. get vcdgear from

5. extract the avseq0x.dat or music0x.dat from the CD into your hard drive to *.mpg format.

6. use TMPGEnc to convert the *.mpg from PAL to NTSC.

7. burn the converted *.mpg to CD again in VCD format.

-- (, April 07, 2002.

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