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I completely forgot to wish Heath a Happy one! Happy Birthday Heath! :) Luv ya! Oh and I am working on a couple sites myself! I was going to do a Heath one, but thre are already soooomany out there, lets face it, he's a pretty popular guy! So, I decided to mke stes for my other heros! I'm not quite done with them, so i don't have the links for you right now, but I will try to get them to you A-SAP! The first one that I am doing is for the ever-talented Y2J Chris Jericho (to all of you who a wrestling fans!). An the second one isto the mighty bassist himself Duff McKagan from Guns N' Roses! I chose to do one for hime because he is pry my biggest hero, no offense to Heath or ay of you, but he is my hero because he plays the Bass Guitar! By the way, so do I! I GOT A Bass about a month ago, and I have been slavin overthe thing! Hopefully i will be rockin out soon enough! Wish me luck! PS-I will try to gt te links up on here if any of you are interested! And i owe aHUGE thanx to Monica and Amanda! I woud have never been able to do this without your help! thanx!

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

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