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Hey everyone! Man it has been the longest time since i have been here! Geez! Well, first things, how is everyone? How was everyone's Spring Break (to those who havehad one already)? I know, I know you are DYING to know about mine right? LOL! Too bad, I'm telling ya anyway, mine was actually pretty boring, cuz really all i did was sit around the house andstuff till Thursday. Then I got to go down to my aunt and uncle's house in Ohio! I got to drive too! WOOWOO! I was really nervouse especally on and off the ramps! But while i was down tere my aunt got me sick and i havebeen trapped in the bathroom for twe past week with the flu! :( But now i am all better! Well, i got an extra week off school. LOL! thanx fo reading!

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

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