power winder F problem

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I have a power winder F on an F-1 and it operates only intermittently. Batteries are fresh. When it works, it works well, but sometimes it is simply dead. I can usually get it to work by removing it and replacing it on the camera. Does anyone have experience with a similar situation or have thoughts as to the cause?

-- Dan Stearns (dan_stearns@mac.com), April 04, 2002


No direct experience, but a couple of thoughts. Firstly, when the winder doesn't work, can you still use the camera manually - this would indicate that the problem is not with the shutter or winding mechanism of the camera itself. My first suggestion for the cause would be a poor connection somewhere - do the contacts between body and winder look OK? Second, I don't know if the winders have them, but I know that the motor drives have a counter on them that you set to the number of frames on the film, after which the drive automatically stops - these can sometimes cause problems.

-- Jeremy (bmjb@hotmail.com), April 06, 2002.

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