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I'm using TMPEGnc to convert my 800 X 600 AVI movie into a 352 X 288 25 fps Mpeg movie. When i playback, it looks fine in the small window, but when i view full screen, it gets totally distorted. When i burn it to VCD using Easy CD Creator or ULead Movie Factory, it shows the distortion there too when i view the VCD on my TV.

Basically i render and create AVIs from 3D Studio Max. Can someone tell me what Codec, Size, BitRate & Frame Rate should i use to render animations from 3D Studio Max, so that i can later convert them into mpeg and then burn them to VCDs for broadcast quality??


-- Rahul S. Johari (, April 04, 2002


i recommend intel indeo 5.04 codec

640x480 video size is pretty good, don't forget you are going to compress it to 1/3 its size (1024x768 will just use up disk space and take longer)

bit rate: 85-100% compression (depends on how much disk space you have to spare and there isn't much difference btw 85 and 100% when you are going to recompress your video but as usual the higher the better)

frame rate: same as vcd 25 fps (good o'l pal, but nothing beats ntsc, you have to admit)now if you are creating your animations w/ 10fps then your animation is going to have a lot of extra frames added to it, so keep your frame rate high say at least 20fps better off 25

just curious what codec are you using 2 compress your AVIs?


-- ~m (, April 05, 2002.

Thanks for replying.

>>i recommend intel indeo 5.04 codec That is exactly what i'm using! Somebody told me to use Morgan MJPEG Codec, but when i tried that, it gave me completly distorted messed up images.

>>640x480 video size is pretty good, But for VCD, we have to later convert it into the White Book Specification mpeg file, 352 X 288, 25 fps Pal format. So why not render the animation directly at 352 X 288 from Max itself?

>>bit rate: 85-100% compression (depends on how much disk Disk space is not a problem, but where and how do i set or modify the Bit Rate??

>>frame rate: same as vcd 25 fps Yes i'm using 25 fps because i'm here in Asia and we use only Pal, not NTSC.

>>just curious what codec are you using 2 compress your AVIs? intel indeo 5.04 codec


-- Rahul S. Johari (, April 05, 2002.

When using TMPGenc to resize an AVI to be encoded attention has to be paid to the de-interlacing and resizing options. TMPGenc has bundles of these and just which to set and by how much u can only find out by experimenting. 800x600 has no relation, integer-wise, with 352x288 and the distortion may be the result of TMPGenc resizing fromone to the other.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, April 06, 2002.

Why not render the animation directly at 352 x 288 u ask.

Coz you will be converting your video from avi (bmp) to mpeg (jpg), well, if you lower the quality of the animation when you save it as an avi then you cannot get anything better than the quality of the avi so as a result you animation quality will go down. (try saving a jpg or any other file that you can control the quality of the picture, save it with high compression (lower file size), now resave that picture with a low compression (large file size) the quality will not improve just because you have lowered the compression) moral you cannot get more out of what you put in.

bit rate: 85 -100%, (pardon my mistake previously compression). i don't actually have 3D Studio Max, but if at all it is what i think it is then wherever you select save as avi file type and select the intel indeo codec then that screen should have the options whereby you can change the quality

here is an article form divx-digest that talks about capturing vhs, you might learn a thing or two from why you need to capture at the highest resolution possible.


-- ~m (, April 12, 2002.

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