Missing the chance to fulfill a great calling

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Who really should have fought Goliath? Saul of course. Remember Saul was head and shoulders above everyone else in stature. Both as king, and as the largest of the Israelites, Saul should have been the one to take up the giant's challenge. But for whatever reasons he didn't. I'm sure he thought his reasons were valid too.

We don't know what his thinking was, but we do know that the most obvious choice to answer the call passed it by. Not only did Saul pass it by, so did his commanders, his champions, his veterans...any number of Israelite soldiers might have answered this call, but none did. As a result it fell to the most unlikely choice - a kid named David.

A minister I know of took over a battered church of less than 100 people. It had been through splits and numerous trials. Additionally the entire city was known as a dark place spiritually. No denomination had had any large success there. God called him to take up the challenge of pastoring this difficult work, and miracles began to happen. Today the church runs at 12,000. Also, their breakthrough led to a general spiritual breakthrough, and other churches in that city have had the same type of success.

Reflecting on what God had done, this man asked God why he had chosen him to be used this way, and God told him that before calling him he'd called 7 other pastors. All had refused the call.

Not all of us are called to pastor mega-churches, but we each have some type of calling on our lives. Some of these calls will entail our involvement in harvests of massive proportions. Will you answer God's call to go with Him in the area He's called you? Will you trust Him to make up the difference for your inadequacies? Will you give Him the glory when the harvest comes, and not be sidetracked into some type of error?

As my pastor shared these things with us last night, he said as he grew up in a pastor's home he witnessed it over and over. God would call a pastor and a church to lead a revival of many churches in a city. Somewhere along the line they'd depart from their calling, and the mantle for that task would go to another. They in turn would also get off-track, and the mantle would pass to another. God help us to stay in the center of His will.

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2002


Dear Brother (Rev. Denise indicated Rob) Forgive me if I am mistaken

I am again blessed to read one of your post early in the morning. I can testify to a calling involving a massive harvest. The road is quite challenging right now and the going is not easy but I assure you that when the harvest comes. Glory to God, I will have a story for you.

I thank God for you and your sharing this my Brother. May God Bless You richly today and all of your tomorrows.

Best Wishes from Bermuda

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

Rob I love your post and encouraging words. You are so right God has given us all a calling. It is through prayer we find out what it is. I have noticed in my own faith journey my plan was not God's plan. I thought I would be doing urban ministry In the United Methodist Church. Instead I am doing rural ministry in the A.M.E church. God has outfitted us with every spiritual gift we need to answer his call. I think it is harder not to answer God's calling for we then are left to the "Mundane" following Christ is to have an adventure! I remember reading a meditation that said "Father God I will stay in the place that you have stationed me so that when you pass by I will be able to illuminate the darknest with your light" Jesus is coming back!!! We are to prepare the harvest and toil the soil in preparation, When God passes by he will have someone already in the field working for him. Rob thanks for bringing up the subject. Joy!

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

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