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Why was the father who worked there so unpopular?

-- Brett Dyaln Hankins (, April 03, 2002


You mean the historical mission, not the current San Francisco Solano Parish, don’t you?

Several sites mention the cruelty of the founder, Fr. Jose Altimira, to the Indians, who sacked the mission in 1826. Also, Fr. Altimira wanted to take the mission apart and move it to another location (the sites say “to San Francisco” but we were still Yerba Buena then).

You’ll get a whole bunch of results if you google for “San Francisco Solano” and for “Fr. Jose Altimira.” The latter pulls up a few more of the anti-Altimira websites.

Some of the sites I found are:

This site is part of the Missions Project: oSolano.html

-- Miss Rosa (, April 04, 2002.

cause he was cruel and only there for under a year becase he got replaced .

-- brianna shea brinley (brinley @star band, June 02, 2002.

ha! he had been sooooooo mean to the natives, he had caused and Indian Revolt!

-- younii (, May 06, 2004.

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