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I have a Cannon Sure Shot Zoom Lens 35-70mm 1:35-6,7 camera. Where can I get a manual and what kind of batteries does it take.

Thank You !

-- V. Sidenbender (, April 03, 2002


I believe there is more than one model of Sureshot, but if it's a current one you might be able to get a manual from Canon - have you tried their website? There can't be that many buttons on it, surely (and most of the buttons have a little picture beside them which mean the same from one model to the next)? And as for the battery - take out the one that's in it, or if there isn't one in it, take it to a camera shop where they'll probably be able to tell by looking at the empty hole what battery should fit it.

-- Jeremy (, April 06, 2002.

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